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"LOST" Season 6 will be 16 Episodes but have a 2 hour long Premiere and Finale!

This is now confirmed. "LOST" season 6 will have 16 Episodes. LOST's Premiere and Finale will be 2 hrs each making a total of 18 hours.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last night's "LOST" finale was AWESOME!!

This episode had to be one of, if not the best episodes in "LOST" history. There was action, tears and WTF moments that will have us talking about this episode for the next 8-9 months. Jack was a bad ass with a gun which made me love this episode even more!!! The fade to white screen was new as the producers had previously told us "LOST" would never go to a black they are sneaky...but on the other hand they both wrote the finale which was of course AWESOME!!! I am going to be miserable waiting for this show to come back on, yet I don't want to rush it as this will be THE FINAL SEASON and our last season premiere EVER. Here's to 8-9 months of good theorizing!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Traveling all around the world...

I FINALLY did a set on Polyvore that I am truly proud of !!!

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"50 Waves of Delicate"

Please join my group on polyvore! It's called "50 Waves of Delicate". This group is for your pastel/delicate sets. It is also a theme group for you to interpret each theme the way you see it by using ONLY PALE COLORS. You can use any light colors you want (blues, greens, pinks etc...) just NO BRIGHT COLORS. You can do fashion or arts sets, it's your choice. This group was inspired by Orangurple's group "50 Theme Fashion Challenge" and done so with her permission. PLEASE JOIN!!! Here's the link -

1. beach
2. love
3. addicting
4. hopeful
5. faithful
6. angelic
7. trust
8. heavenly
9. summertime
10. heartbreaking
11. dazzling
12. my future
13. dreams
14. innocence
15. first date
16. fabulous
17. breezy
18. lush
19. adorable
20. beautiful
21. glorious
22. damaged
23. cuddly
24. exotic
25. delightful
26. evil
27. enchanting
28. illuminating
29. glamorous
30. alluring
31. fancy
32. graceful
33. jealous
34. broken
35. ethereal
36. hypnotic
37. kind
38. magical
39. scandalous
40. unusual
41. vengeful
42. whispering
43. sad
44. secretive
45. reflective
46. romantic
47. silly
48. tender
49. peaceful
50. the end/your choice…just make it with light colors!

Here's the link to Orangurple's original group

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LOSTAWAYS - A CeeJ Comedy Production Post by CeeJ on Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:35 am

I read this on dark ufo's site today and it made me laugh. It is by CeeJ and it is too funny! Check it out!


Jack - Paul Rudd
Kate - Anna Friel
Sawyer - Owen Wilson
Locke - Robin Wiliams
Claire - Isla Fisher
Jin - Jackie Chan
Sun - Lucy Liu
Hurley - Seth Rogen
Charlie - Simon Pegg
Sayid - Omid Djalili
Michael - Marlon Wayans
Walt - Gary Coleman
Christian - Steve Martin
Richard – Russell Brand
Mr Eko - Eddie Murphy
Ben - Steve Carell
Juliet - Drew Barrymore
Horace – Tommy Chong
Desmond - David Tennant
Vincent – played by a different dog every few scenes just for comic purpose


Opening scene: An eye opens. Camera pans out to see it belongs to Jack, who is lying flat on his back in the middle of a rainforest. It is raining.

JACK (Paul Rudd): Man, that was one awesome party! Where the hell am I?

Jack gets up and staggers through the forest heading towards shouting voices. Jack stumbles onto a beach where there is the wreckage of a large aircraft. Everything is chaos. People are wailing and staggering around, bloody and dishevelled.

Jack looks around at the carnage and spies an dark haired woman who is helping a heavily pregnant blond girl.

JACK: Whoa! I had nothing to do with that, man!
KATE (Anna Friel): (in fake, stereotypical Texan sounding American accent) Back awf yew man-child! Caint yew see she’s hert!
CLAIRE (Isla Fisher): Strewth! That was one hell of a ride! (Looks at burning plane wreckage) Ooh! Barbie! Can they do me a couple of shrimp? I am eating for two… myself and a possible messiah!


Jack is at a funeral home. He is looking into a coffin, where the body of his father lies. Camera pans into coffin where Christian (Steve Martin) is laid out in a white suit and an arrow going through his head.
Cuts to airport. Jack is at the counter checking himself and his father’s coffin in.

AIRLINE STEWARD (Pauly Shore): Whassup, buh-hu-ddy?
JACK: 2 to check in please. Adult and one coffin.
AIRLINE STEWARD: We can give you some up-gradidge, the dead dude in the box can go in overhead luh-hu-ggage!

Behind Jack, there is a small commotion between a large man and a rather dishevelled man. The larger man is holding on for dear life to a large packet of wheaty snacks. The dishevelled man is trying to pull them out of his hands.

HURLEY (Seth Rogen): You can’t take them….. they’re medication!
SAWYER (Owen Wilson): What do you mean, medication Fatboy? They’re goddam Cheezy Bitey Bits!
HURLEY: YES! I need the additives! Like that guy in Crank II, only I don’t need electricity! Orange powdery food colouring does it for me every time!

Vincent the dog (golden retriever) runs through the room and grabs the snacks from between the two guys, and runs off. He is chased by Michael (Marlon Wayans) and Walt (Gary Coleman).

WALT: Whatcho talkin’ ‘bout Vincent?


Hurley appears to have found the packet of Cheezy Bitey Bits and is yet again wrestling with Sawyer over them.

SAWYER: You don’t need em Hippoguy! When I was a kid, I was lucky to have an empty packet to look at, let alone lick the insides of! I never needed artificial foodstuffs and look what a ruggedly handsome man it made me into. (Turns and smiles to camera – wind blows through his hair and sunlight glints off his teeth).

Everyone is suddenly stunned by an Asian man and woman who leap from the burning wreckage of the plane. They dust themselves down and walk over to Jack, Kate and Claire.

JIN (Jackie Chan): Don’t worry everyone, I managed to save us by climbing onto the wing as the plane was diving and used my weight to control our descent. That is why we are all alive!
SUN (Lucy Liu): And I helped him!
JACK: Whoa, hold the jabbering? We don’t understand a word either of you said – you don’t speak English!
JIN: Eh? I am speaking English! I just saved your lives!
JACK: Erm… come again?
SUN: (to Jack) Sorry, we’re from Asiorea, which is along the coast of Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea, I don’t speak English until episode 6 and my husband doesn’t speak it at all. Hopefully by the time we’re rescued he’ll learn it.
JIN: What are you talking about woman? I do speak English, I am speaking it now!
JACK: Oh, ok, I get it…. I think?

Guitar music is heard playing near the forest, barely audible over the sound of the blazing wreckage. Scene cuts to a guy playing a guitar and singing along badly. He is about 33 going on 17.

CHARLIE (Simon Pegg): (strumming one chord, singing) C’mon y’all! (Stops singing, changes chord, starts strumming again and singing) C’mon y’all!

The stop/starting chord change and singing continues until he is leapt upon by a Rambo look-alike, from the forest.

CHARLIE: How dare you, mate! This is the number one hit that shot me and my band ThrustingGEARSTICK to worldwide fame!
SAYID: (dropping Iranian accent for a cockney one) Gawd blimey, apples and pears! I ain’t never ‘eard of ThrobbingLOVEPUMP or whateva ya were called, gov’na.
CHARLIE: Admittedly it was in the early 90’s and I suppose we were thrust into obscurity by a mixture of Acid House, George Michael and vast amounts of brown sugar.
CHARLIE: You know, brown sugar, dragon powder…
CHARLIE: Heroin….heroin! You should know, it comes from your country!
SAYID: Nah mate, you’re well mixing up Iran with Afghanistan, innit.

They are joined by Jack, Kate, Claire, Jin and Sun.

JACK: (to Sayid) You look like you could be handy in a situation like this, mind if we hang?

Vincent the dog (Jack Russell terrier) runs across beach with the packet of Cheezy Bitey Bites in its mouth. It is chased by Michael, Walt, Hurley and Sawyer. They pass a solitary figure sitting near the shore. He is next to a wheelchair.

LOCKE (Robin Williams complete with badly wig): (talking to himself) Oh man, what the hell happened?

A sock puppet appears next to his head.

LOCKE: (as sock puppet with funny voice) Oh John… I think we was in a plane crash. Hey, what’s your wheelchair doing here, right next to you? Wasn’t it stowed in the luggage compartment?
LOCKE: Eh? Yeah, you’re right Little Jacob, that is really odd!
LOCKE/LITTLE JACOB: You damned right it is! Perhaps this island is magical? Perhaps you can walk?
LOCKE: No, no, no, don’t be so silly Little Jacob. I’ve not been able to walk since my absent father threw me out of a window. Tho, I’m really surprised that all I lost was the use of my legs after that drop!

Locke stands up and carefully starts to walk around.

LOCKE/LITTLE JACOB: You can do it! You can do it!
LOCKE: (laughing) Yes Little Jacob! This island must be magical – it brought you, the voice of reason, to me Little Jacob and it gave me my legs back!
LOCKE/LITTLE JACOB: (as an aside) Pity it didn’t do anything for your hair!

Locke stops walking around and looks sternly at the sock puppet.
Vincent the dog (now a Great Dane) runs back past Locke, with the others following.

LOCKE/LITTLE JACOB: Looks like a mystery needs solving!

Walt stops running and comes over to Locke. Locke puts the hand with the sock puppet into his pocket quickly.

WALT: Whatcho doin’?
LOCKE: Just pondering the mysteries of the island. Hey, you’re black and I’m white – just like Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. Ebony and ivory, yin and yang, good and bad….
WALT: Whatcho talkin’ ‘bout? Are you askin’ for a knuckle sandwich?
LOCKE: No, no, no, don’t take me the wrong way. I’m just saying that it could mean something.
WALT: You know, you may be right. I’ve noticed there’s something odd about this island.
LOCKE: What? Like a mystical aura? Healing powers? Hidden secrets?
WALT: No! There’s no Starbucks or McDonalds!

Locke thinks deeply about this for a few seconds. He eventually pulls a backgammon set out of his back pocket.

LOCKE: Want to play a game? I could be good and you could be bad….I mean….. I could be white and you could be black, you know, just like the colours of our skin.
WALT: I don’t really know how to play, but something is drawing me to spending time with you. Perhaps its your wisdom? You know, the way you seem to be in tune with the island.
LOCKE: You may be right. I’m John Locke by the way, like the 17th century English philosopher.
WALT: I’m Walt, like the creator of Disney, Walt Disney.
LOCKE: Do you want to see Little Jacob….?

Just then everybody arrives. Vincent the dog is now a Chihuahua. Everybody heard Locke’s last words and gather round him and Walt whilst looking disapprovingly and cautiously.



Walt and Locke sneak away to spend some time together. They are in the forest. Walt looks scared.

WALT: Locke, I think there’s someone in the forest…. I just heard a rustle.

The bushes part and an island native appears. Locke and Walt are surprised.

RICHARD (Russell Brand): Greetings, forsooth, and ‘tis a pleasure to make your acquaintances!
LOCKE: Who… who are you?
RICHARD: I am the island lothario, the lord of the dinkles, King Rrrichard 'imself. That is, I have always been here, see how mysterious I am with my fancy ways, my wild bohemian looks and my blackishly black eyeliner.
LOCKE: Gosh, yes you must be mysterious, you look like you haven't aged a day..... since the 18th Century!! Plus you look like you've been living rough for a very long tim too!
RICHARD: Forsooth! Who pray you be you rapscallions, how didsth thou get here and what are you doing violatin' my beautifully sexy island?

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#Lost "Evasion - I Love Lost"

Check out the best "LOST" song ever!!!!!!!! and
evasion-i-love-lost-lostday-song.html?showComment =1238958900000#c2239247149589454706

Some lyrics...
What's the incident? Who's Jacob? What's Smokey?
Why did Ben save Bentham and then just choke him?
Why is Walt so special? How did Locke start walking?
Is Widmore evil? What's the deal with Ms. Hawking?
What's in the Temple? Who's Pierre Chang's baby?
What happened to Des when he turned the fail-safe key?
Why did Radzinsky kill himself inside the Hatch?
Did Ben know the Losties 'for they even crashed?
Who are Adam and Eve? How will Penny survive?
Christian Shephard, Jack's dad, is he dead or alive?
What's the statue? Some kind of Egyptian God?
F**k, I'm still a slave to Cuse and Lindelof..

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April 1, 2009
Did you believe Ben when he told Locke that Jack had bought a ticket to Australia?
Posted by Ana - PandaVamp at 7:35 PM (Comments: 7)
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Did you believe Ben when he told Locke that Jack had bought a ticket to Australia?
The timeline regarding Jack's behavior is confusing so, this is hard to answer
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I submitted this question because I am confused by the timeline shown in the show. When Ben kills Locke it seems to be the day after Locke is released from the hospital. To my knowledge there was nothing that flashed on screen that said “one month later” but that is exactly what should have happened for story continuity. So that is one day between Jack seeing Locke and Ben killing him. Jack tells Ben in “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2& 3) that it has been “about a month ago” that Jack last saw Locke. While Locke was there we saw him see Jack looking like this ( In “Through the Looking Glass” he looks like this ( The differences between these two pictures are HUGE! This is not a one day old beard. This is a month old beard during which after Jack spoke to Locke in the hospital he not only lost Kate and Aaron but started to see his dead father. He continues to drink and take his pills. I am also assuming that at one point when his dad appears to him he says Locke’s name and probably even talks to him about the island and maybe even Claire and Aaron. Whatever CS says to Jack it is what makes him say to himself “Maybe Locke is right after all” and he gets on these planes wanting to crash on the island again. THIS is what puts Jack over the edge and onto planes flying here and there…NOT LOCKE talking to him. Also when we see Jack flying home in “Through the Looking Glass” he sees Locke’s obituary in the paper. It would not take a month for an obituary to appear in the paper even if his body went undiscovered for awhile it still wouldn’t take that long. Locke was staying in a hotel room…they would be wondering why he hadn’t checked out and found the body. Obituaries appear in the paper only days after someone has died not a month. BEN HAS LIED about Jack going to Sydney to Locke to get him down off of the desk so he can kill him himself. Either this will be a storyline that they will follow up on and address why Ben has lied to Locke about Jack or just continuity errors in the writing… but why does “LOST” have a continuity expert on staff if this is what is going to happen?

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Executive Producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse rehash This Place Is Death & tease 316 (2/18/09)

* They're writing the finale right now.
* The 'temple' seen in 'This Place is Death' is "not necessarily the temple" and isn't where the smoke monster lives but rather his 'Camp David'. Will they be returning to that location? - "Damn straight".
* Whatever happened to Rousseau's team under the ground with monster 'altered' them. And not for the better. But there's a question about 'who went wacky first'.
* Damon and Carlton wrote the scripts for '316' and 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham' simultaneously and the reason the episodes were switched will become apparent once they're seen. Darlton thought it would be 'cooler' to show the original 5.07 first. This has only happened once before in the history of the show and they challenge fans to guess when, noting that it was 'way back in season one'.
* There is some information in '316' that is better to see before 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham'. Carlton: "I would assume we're going to find out how Locke ended up in that coffin". Damon: "Can't wait".

Which successful cast member of Lost would you like to see become a successful cast member of 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Jorge (Hurley)

In the episode 'Jughead', when Desmond finds Theresa, is she in the same kind of 'time trance' as Eloise the rat or Minkowski?
That's a very perceptive observation. (Also hints that Theresa will appear again)

Is resurrection 'of a sort' possible for Christian? Is he something more than an image the island is using to communicate?
In '316' someone will talk about Locke's body in relation to Christian's. The word 'proxy' might be mentioned.

Episode 5.05 of "Lost" - This Place is Death

Last night's episode was one of the best episodes in "Lost" history(in my opinion). We saw smokey, Charlotte died but not before revealing she was born on the island and Locke turned the wheel back on its axis so the time jumping would stop!! This episode was awesome. I cannot wait until we see Locke's whole story about what he did off the island- it's gonna be so good. This episode left me wondering who's a good guy and who's a bad guy? Very confusing...but very good.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

"LOST" Spoilers about the first two episodes & season 5 - from DarkUFO's site!!!


Opening Scene & Pierre Chang

- It was worth all the wait for this season
- There is some major WTF moments
- The opening scene is a confusing shocker
- The surprise of the shocking opener of the 1st episode is that what's happening is happening on the island
- The opening scene will be like in the second and third seasons
- The first image is of a clock flipping from 8.14 to 8.15 that we have seen in the promos :w00t:
- The first character will see is Dr. Marvin Candle
- We see something new on the island in the first scene
- We get to see the baby that was crying in the Pierre Chang video in the opening scene, it's Pierre Chang's baby.
- Chang and Daniel appear together in the opening scene


- We get to see the Dharma Initiative "RE-LIVE" in the first 2 episodes
- We see DHARMA stations in the first two episodes
- We get to see the Swan Hatch in different states, like a exploded Hatch and later a not-destroyed Swan Hatch
- Juliet finds the Swan hatch in the ground
- The left behinders come into direct contact with DHARMA
- The DHARMA member that is killed by Locke tried to attack him or another on island character

The Island

- The island has moved back in time
- In the first two episodes, will sort of we find out where and/or when the Island moved to :PP
- Alpert or Faraday explains what's happening on the island to Locke
- The island time traveling is "unstable" at first, causing it to show us different short periods of time of the island's history

Attacks & Deaths

- We see who is being thrown off the balcony
- Sayid kills someone
- We get to see who is attacking the left-behinders
- Frogurt will die in the beach camp attack


- Locke is really dead in the future
- Locke interacts with the beach camp
- Locke can walk after the island moves
- Locke kills someone from DHARMA
- The Locke and Ethan conversation seems necessary

Ms. Hawking

- Ms. Hawking is the hooded character seen in some promo videos
- Ms. Hawking is contacted by and will talk to Ben

Daniel Faraday

- Daniel is much more prominent this season, and he gets a good bit of screen time
- Faraday tries and manages to change something in the past, and thus changes the future
- The others on the zodiac raft come back to the island with Daniel
- We see a scene with Faraday and Desmond, where Desmond does not recognize Faraday
- Faraday tries to explain to Desmond that he knows him


- We see Kate think/talk about Sawyer on Penny's boat
- Sawyer believes that Kate is dead
- There are Jack and Kate scenes
- We will see Jack struggling/coping with his addiction
- Jack helps a seriously injured Sayid


- Ben wants to return to the island
- Ben contacting Ms. Hawking is the cliffhanger at the end of one episode
- It appears that Ben is responsible for "motivating" the O6 to return to the island
- Ben and Jack talk about Juliet

Des & Pen

- Desmond and Penny are happy in the first two episodes
- We see Desmond receive a message from Faraday
- There is going to be a scene on Penny's boat after the O6 are rescued and before they return to civilization
- Desmond is the person in the HAZMAT suit who points the gun at Faraday!!

Other Characters

- We get to see younger versions of characters we already know
- Some of the new characters are pretty good
- There is some character development

- ANA LUCIA: Ana Lucia reappears like a ghost in episode 5.02 only to Hurley

- ETHAN: We will see Ethan

- FRANK: We will see Frank Lapidus

- FROGURT: He will die in the beach camp attack :cry:

- HURLEY: Hurley ends up in jail which is what delays the O6's return to the island
There are good Hurley and Ben moments
We'll see him mum Carmen

- JIN: We see Jin in the first 2 episodes, but not in a new scene

- MILES: Miles get's a good bit of screen-time

- THE OTHERS: We see other Others besides Richard
The Others that were with Locke disappeared when the island moved

- RICHARD: Alpert does remember Locke after the island moves

- SAYID: Sayid gets very seriously injured

- SUN: We see a good bit of Sun
She really makes an alliance with Widmore
She shares screen time with the other O6 and with either Charles Widmore/Abbadon

- VINCENT: We get to see Vincent!

General Points

- One or both of the episodes end on a shocking cliffhanger
- We're gonna get lots of questions and a few answers
- We see scenes from season 1 to season 4 from different points of view
- The left behinders who traveled back in time keep their memories of their future lives.
- We see the beechcraft
- There will be a scene on board a plane
- Another plane crashes on the island
- The second episodes title "The Lie" refers to the fact that the O6 are still lying to protect the people on the island
- There are questions that haven't been asked/answered that are crucial about the first 2 episodes


Opening Scene

- The first scene is not a filming of an Orientation video
- The opening scene does not have the hooded figure in it
- The opening scene does not have Ben or Widmore in it
- The opening scene does not occur in a cold climate
- The opening scene is not of the birth of Pierre Chang's baby
- The comic con video is not part of the opening scene
- The first scene doesn't involve a lecture or presentation in a classroom or auditorium
- We won’t see the Black Rock in the first scene
- The premier does not open with a pop song


- We don’t hear about or see The Temple in the first two episodes
- We don’t get confirmation that relatives of the Losties worked for the DI when they where younger
- We don’t get to see the island “pre- DHARMA"
- We don’t get to see inside the Swan station
- We don’t get to see a new orientation film
- Members of DHARMA aren't people we know
- We don't see the Arrow station
- The left-behinders do not tell DHARMA they are traveling through time

The Island

- No mention of the volcano
- There’s no mention of Jacob
- Christian Shephard doesn’t appear
- We don’t get to see/hear anything about the four-toed statue
- The Island's time flashes doesn’t utilize archive footage to show us things we've seen before
- There aren’t visual special effects to show the "unstable" time problems happening after the island moved
- We don’t get to see what causes the drug smuggler plane to crash
- The Hurley bird does not appear
- We won't find out what the Other's goals are
- The island does not travel to the future
- We don't find out why the island is skipping around through time
- Previously unseen structures on the island aren't introduced
- The unstable time hopping of the island does not stop at one point/time
- No weird entities are introduced in the premier

Attacks, Arguments & Deaths

- Ben and Sayid aren’t enemies
- Jack and Kate don’t reconcile within the first two episodes
- We don’t get to see any other Losties who have died besides Ana Lucia and Locke in the first two episodes
- Hurley doesn’t kill anyone
- The person Sayid is beating up is not Ben
- The flaming arrow attack on the 815 survivors in the promo isn’t by the Hostiles

Rousseau & The Black Rock

- We don’t find out about Rousseau and we won't see her team
- Mira Furlan does not return as Danielle Rousseau
- We don’t get to see the Black Rock or how it came to be on the island

The Smoke Monster & The Donkey Wheel

- The smoke monster doesn’t hurt or kill anyone
- There isn't a new/different monster
- There will be no info about the smoke monster
- We don't find out more about the frozen donkey wheel; it's origins or what it does
- We don't get to learn more about the others who might have built the wheel and created the monster


- We don’t find out who killed Locke and why
- Locke’s name change is not explained
- Locke does not tell Ethan that he will die in the future
- Locke doesn't come into contact with a group other than the hostiles/the others
- Locke does not kill Ethan
- Locke does not get taken prisoner

Ms. Hawking

- Ms Hawking is not in The Arrow
- Ms. Hawking does not share any scenes with Desmond
- Ms. Hawking does not interact with DHARMA
- We don't find out who the major character is that Ms. Hawking is connected to
- Ms. Hawking is not Karen DeGroot
- Ms. Hawking is not on the Island (in those scenes where she is hooded)
- Ms. Hawking is not in both episodes (she is in episode 5.02)
- We won't learn what EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED means

Daniel Faraday

- 5.01 or 5.02 is not Faraday centric
- Doesn't become clear how Daniel is working for DHARMA
- Daniel and Charlotte are not together as a couple
- We don't get to see Daniel's notebook or hear anymore about it
- Faraday is not in a different time from the rest of the left behinders
- Faraday is not the character who has the connection with Ms. Hawking
- Daniel Faraday isn't moving through time telling the losties to visit each other with warnings
- When Faraday changes the future, he doesn't invalidate or change something we have already seen in a previous episode
- Faraday is not the workman who drills too close to the donkey wheel and gets a bloody nose


- Sawyer and Kate will not be reunited in the first few episodes
- When Kate is thinking/talking about Sawyer, it’s not romantic
- Kate doesn’t have any conversations with Sayid, Ben or Hurley in the first two episodes
- The left behinders don’t look to Sawyer as their new leader
- Kate and Aaron aren’t separated
- We don’t get to see any romantic scenes between Sawyer and Juliet
- Jack is no longer a pill/drug addict
- We don’t get to see any scenes between Jack and Aaron
- Kate and Aaron don’t both go back to the island
- We don't see anyone else from the Shepard family besides Jack/Claire/Aaron
- Kate doesn't find out she's pregnant
- Sawyer doesn't die
- We won’t see any other flashbacks with Jack and Kate besides the one on Penny’s boat
- We don’t get to find out what favor Kate is doing for Sawyer
- There's no romance going on between Sawyer and Juliet
- Jack doesn't betray someone or try to force someone to go back to the island
- Kate is not advised to give custody of Aaron to someone else
- No one tries to shoot Kate
- Jack didn't do anything to upset or make Sayid angry


- We don’t get to see a younger Ben
- Ben's life isn't threatened
- Ben doesn't reveal anything about the rules being changed
- We don't learn where Ben was going or what he was doing when he got caught in Rousseau's net

Des & Pen

- Des, Pen and their baby don’t appear
- Desmond is no longer experiencing flashes
- There's no indication in the first two episodes that Penny is aware of her father's under-the-radar machinations such as finding the island
- It isn't explained why Des doesn't recognize Faraday
- The final scene of 5.01 is not of Desmond getting a message from Faraday

The O6

- After these two episodes, it does not seem likely that anyone besides the Oceanic 6 and Dead Locke will "have to go back" to the island
- The O6 don’t return to the island in the first two episodes
- Nothing is revealed about exactly WHY the O6 have to return

Other Characters

- None of the main left behinders die
- There are no new cast members
- No main/recurring characters die in the first two episodes
- No-one else leaves the island
- We don't find out anything shocking about the main characters that we don't already know

- AARON: We won't see Aaron talk about Jack as if he was his dad
Aaron' s special-ness is not elaborated on

- ABBADON: We won't see Abbadon

- ADAM & EVE: We don't learn about Adam and Eve

- ANA-LUCIA: We don’t see Ana Lucia on the island
Ana-Lucia doesn't try to convince Hurley to go back to the island
Ana-Lucia's appearance isn't better than Libby's

- ANNIE: Annie doesn’t appear

- BERNARD: Bernard doesn't die

- CASSIDY: We won’t see Cassidy

- CHARLES WIDMORE: We don't learn anything about Charles Widmore that we don't already know
He doesn't do anything to keep Des and/or Penny safe
He doesn't play a prominent role in the episode he's in

- CHARLIE: There's no mention of Charlie/Charlie is not seen

- CHARLOTTE: Charlotte doesn't die
We don't see a younger version of her
We don't find out which others of which DHARMA people are related to her
We don't see her being born
Charlotte doesn't have flashes like Desmond did, causing her a nosebleed

- CHRISTIAN SHEPARD: Doesn't play any role in the first two episodes
We don't find out about his connection to the island

- CLAIRE: Claire is not mentioned, and we won’t find out what happened to her

- DAVE: Dave does not make an appearance

- ETHAN: Ethan doesn’t remember who Locke is when they meet
We don't learn anything about Ethan that we don't already know
Ethan doesn't know what's going on when he meets Locke

- FRANK: Lapidus does not show up anywhere besides on Penny's boat

- FROGURT: We don’t learn anything interesting about Frogurt
He doesn't serve a purpose before he dies

- HENRY GALE: We don't see the real Henry Gale or his balloon

- HORACE: We won’t learn why Horace was a Mathematician assigned to the Arrow station

- HURLEY: Hurley does not see a cop who looks like Ana Lucia

- JIN: Jin does not appear in a new scene

- JULIET: Juliet doesn't have an certain understanding of what is going on with the island
We won't see why Juliet can fight so well or how she has dislocated her arm 4 times
Juliet does not act as a doctor
Juliet doesn't enter the hatch

- KELVIN: We don't see Kelvin Inman

- MICHAEL: We don't see Michael

- NIKKI: We don't see Nikki

- PAOLO: We don't see Paolo

- PIERRE CHANG: Chang's baby is not revealed to be someone we know, and Chang doesn't lose an arm

- RADZINSKY: Radzinsky doesn’t appear

- RICHARD: We don’t get to see how Alpert got to the island and why he doesn’t seem to age
He doesn't die
He doesn't let Locke know that he was there at his birth or visited him when he was younger

- ROSE: Rose doesn't die

- SAYID: It is not one of the main characters who knocks Sayid unconscious
Sayid is not fighting with Des in the promo's

- TOM: We don't see Tom

- YEMI: We don't see Yemi

General Points

- 5.01 is not a non Lostie centric
- There is no gamechanger in the first two episodes
- We don’t get to see how the lie was set up
- We won't see Ajira Airways
- Time for the left behinders does not pass in a few weeks or a month
- The nose bleeding problem does not end by the first 2 episodes
- We won't see Geronimo Jackson
- We don't find out why the O6 name Libby, Charlie, and Boone among the crash survivors even though they didn't make it in the end
- We're not shown anything about Ayers Rock in Australia or Nothern Africa
- The Valenzetti equation is not mentioned
- It's not revealed who Dan Norton's client is
- There are no significant visual effects
- 815 does not crash on the island again
- We won't hear the whispers
- We won't see an alternative universe
- We don't see anyone with four toes
- The season 1 scene with Charlie, Jack, Kate and the monster is not shown from another p.o.v
- We don't see the guys from the Arctic station
- We don't see any polar bears
- The guys with the bows and arrows don't play a prominent role in the first two episodes
- The on-island pregnancy issues aren't dealt with
- We don't find out who the economist is


The Island & Time Travel

- Did the island move about to beginning of Dharma?
- When the island is moved, do the on-island Losties now require Constants like Desmond required a Constant in Season 4?
- The island moved back in time - to Dharma period. Left-behinders will simply appear in front of the eyes of Dharma people, just like that - time-travelers from future. Is this event actually the one that Dharma people call "the incident" in the orientation movies?
- Does the opening scene take place exactly when the island reappear after being moved? (In the past)


- Will Jeremy Bentham a.k.a Locke be "resurrected" when he is brought back to the island?

Ms. Hawking

- Is Ms. Hawkings first name Annie?
- Is Ms. Hawking located inside a Dharma Station?
- Is Ms. Hawking future Annie?
- Has Ms. Hawking ever been on the island?

- Daniel Faraday

- Is Faraday the man who tells Pierre Chang about the future, the purge and the president?
- Will Daniel convince Desmond to make something that will change things?
- Is the day of the Desmond and Faraday confrontation at The Hatch the same day (9/22/04) as the original 815 crash?
- Does the Faraday/Desmond confrontation happens during some "unstable" period, after the island's time travel or after the island settles at a certain time period?
- Was/is Daniel Faraday involved with (either directly or indirectly) with the Incident?


- Can Ben return to the island? (after he moved it) I'm asking, because Ben said: "Whoever moves the island can never come back."
- The Ben and Jack talk about Juliet, is that what we saw in the sneak peek?
- You said that Benjamin contacts Ms. Hawking. When he does, or when he talks about her, etc, do they seem to share some deep bond, a familial relationship or some past together, in Dharma or on Island, or otherwise? In other words, are they deeply connected (as opposed to them just instrumentally working together toward a same cause)???
- Is Ben using any of the Oceanic 6 to get to Penny?

Des & Pen

- Is the name of Desmond and Penny's baby Charlie?
- Do Des and Pen name their baby Charlotte? (Answer: What baby?) hehe
- In the previews, Penny is shown holding a baby- is this Desmond and Penny's baby
- When desmond leaves to go to oxford after being given the message by Faraday, does Penny go with him?

Sun & Jin

- Is Sun aggressive to Ben?
- Sun appears to be allying herself with Widmore. Is this genuine? (Yes would mean that the character is allying w/ him; no would mean she's pretending to be doing so.)
- Does Sun hold a gun to one of the Oceanic Six?
- Since the press release confirms that Sun blames Jack for Jin's death, does she arrive, armed, to the marina with the intent to kill Jack?
- Is the "old friend offers some shocking advice to Kate in order to ensure that "the lie" remain a secret." Sun?
- Does Sun surprise everyone with her arrival at the Jack-Kate-Ben meeting in the dock area?
- Does Sun get more screen time? (Didn't time it)
- Do the O6 know Sun has an alliance with Widmore?
- Is Jin alive?
- Can Jin speak English?
- Is Daniel Dae Kim listed as a series regular?

Other Characters

- AARON: The decision Kate made when they got off the island that Sun knows about, is it related to Aaron?

- CHARLOTTE: Is Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) listed as a series regular?

- CINDY: Will Cindy be more important in the future?

- JULIET: - Does Juliet seem to play a significant role in season 5?
What is Juliet's reaction to Jack's apparent death?

- PIERRE CHANG'S BABY: Is Pierre Chang baby any character we already know?
Is Pierre Chang's baby named Yin?

- RICHARD ALPERT: Is it clear that Richard is completely gone, or just his present-self?

- SAWYER: Does Sawyer make any new nicknames? (Answer: Can't remember)
Is Sawyer happy to see the o6 back on the island?

- THE OCEANIC 6: Do the 06 get more screen time? (Didn't time it)

- WALT: Is Walt included in the group of people who have to go back to the Island?

General Questions

- Do we know the group who attacks the beach camp with flaming arrows ?
- Are the people who attack the beach camp with flaming arrows guys from the island's ancient civilization?
- Are the people who attack the beach camp with flaming arrows guys from Dharma?
- Are the new characters (played by Said Taghmaoui and Zuleikha Robinson) on the island?
- Now that the Oceanic 6 have been rescued, is Jacob still present on the Island?
- It has been 3 years to the O6 since they left the island. Without taking the time traveling into consideration, has it been or "felt" like it's been 3 years to the people on the beach?
- Are members of the oceanic 6 (Sayid, Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sun, Aaron) still present on the island in the time line where Faraday see's Desmond in the hazmat suit?
- Are the left behinders and the others what we had know as the hostiles?
- Will Ajira Airways be important for season 5?
- Did they change the opening titles sequence?
- Is the compass seen in the promo the object that locke was supposed to select in his flashback with alpert in season 4 ep 11?
- Will most of the background survivors be killed in the flaming arrow attack?
- During the scene with the hooded person (Mrs. Hawking) writing on the chalkboard, is she calculating when the world will end?
- Are any of the occupants of the beech craft plane alive?
- Is a time loop mentioned? (Answer: Can't remember)

And that's everything!! :)

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