Sunday, April 5, 2009

#Lost "Evasion - I Love Lost"

Check out the best "LOST" song ever!!!!!!!! and
evasion-i-love-lost-lostday-song.html?showComment =1238958900000#c2239247149589454706

Some lyrics...
What's the incident? Who's Jacob? What's Smokey?
Why did Ben save Bentham and then just choke him?
Why is Walt so special? How did Locke start walking?
Is Widmore evil? What's the deal with Ms. Hawking?
What's in the Temple? Who's Pierre Chang's baby?
What happened to Des when he turned the fail-safe key?
Why did Radzinsky kill himself inside the Hatch?
Did Ben know the Losties 'for they even crashed?
Who are Adam and Eve? How will Penny survive?
Christian Shephard, Jack's dad, is he dead or alive?
What's the statue? Some kind of Egyptian God?
F**k, I'm still a slave to Cuse and Lindelof..

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