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April 1, 2009
Did you believe Ben when he told Locke that Jack had bought a ticket to Australia?
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Did you believe Ben when he told Locke that Jack had bought a ticket to Australia?
The timeline regarding Jack's behavior is confusing so, this is hard to answer
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I submitted this question because I am confused by the timeline shown in the show. When Ben kills Locke it seems to be the day after Locke is released from the hospital. To my knowledge there was nothing that flashed on screen that said “one month later” but that is exactly what should have happened for story continuity. So that is one day between Jack seeing Locke and Ben killing him. Jack tells Ben in “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2& 3) that it has been “about a month ago” that Jack last saw Locke. While Locke was there we saw him see Jack looking like this ( In “Through the Looking Glass” he looks like this ( The differences between these two pictures are HUGE! This is not a one day old beard. This is a month old beard during which after Jack spoke to Locke in the hospital he not only lost Kate and Aaron but started to see his dead father. He continues to drink and take his pills. I am also assuming that at one point when his dad appears to him he says Locke’s name and probably even talks to him about the island and maybe even Claire and Aaron. Whatever CS says to Jack it is what makes him say to himself “Maybe Locke is right after all” and he gets on these planes wanting to crash on the island again. THIS is what puts Jack over the edge and onto planes flying here and there…NOT LOCKE talking to him. Also when we see Jack flying home in “Through the Looking Glass” he sees Locke’s obituary in the paper. It would not take a month for an obituary to appear in the paper even if his body went undiscovered for awhile it still wouldn’t take that long. Locke was staying in a hotel room…they would be wondering why he hadn’t checked out and found the body. Obituaries appear in the paper only days after someone has died not a month. BEN HAS LIED about Jack going to Sydney to Locke to get him down off of the desk so he can kill him himself. Either this will be a storyline that they will follow up on and address why Ben has lied to Locke about Jack or just continuity errors in the writing… but why does “LOST” have a continuity expert on staff if this is what is going to happen?

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